22 990,00 Ft
+ 3 099,00 Ft szállítási költség

8200 One-piece Gas Mask

Javasolt fogyasztói ár: 42 690,00 Ft
Ár: 22 990,00 Ft
Megtakarítás: 19 700,00 Ft (46%)
22 990,00 Ft
+ 3 099,00 Ft szállítási költség


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DescriptionFeature:Full face respirator is ideal for dust and gas protection.It can be used for respirator protection in the fields of spray, chemical, poisonous gas, etc.Good at auto-filtered gas defense.It is safe and comfortable to use, with good sealing performance and good anti-toxin effect.Activated carbon protects itself from industrial dust, formaldehyde, carbon dioxide, and more.Specification:Mask: Gas maskActivated carbon filter boxNote:Do not use this kit in the following situations:An environment with an oxygen concentration below 19.5%;Environmental hazards of unknown nature.

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